My  entry for Rousr's Virtual Pet Jam. Didn't get as much done as I had hoped.  The game is playable in it's current state. Just missing some of the more exciting features and a lot of polish.  Never got around to audio. That deafening silence is not a problem with your browser or computer. There is just nothing there.

The game will save and your pet will continue to "live" even if you close the browser (only really tested in Chrome). So if you revisit your Niffler in the future (from the same browser/computer), don't be surprised to find the room covered in poop and your Niffler very unhappy. Though he can die, I never got around to coding the feedback for death, so you wont be able to tell (so it's more like a "family-friendly" feature as opposed to an incomplete feature).

Use the mouse to play. You can press the 'R' key to reset to new game.

NOTE: I apparently messed up my "if" statement for the "sick" emote. So, if your Niffler seems to look unhappy, no matter what, they're most likely sick. Try some medicine.