My entry for the Ludum Dare 38, 48 hour compo. A (very) simple, turn-based strategy game that plays on only a 5x3 grid. Your goal is the destroy/capture your opponents base using your race's hero/avatar. The hero's strength is determined by the size of their kingdom (number of tiles controlled). Didn't have time to really create the AI that I had hoped, so don't expect a challenge. The "+" ability uses your turn to increase all occupied tiles by 1 (has a cooldown that increases with each use). I was happy to complete a "working" entry, but am not thrilled with the final result. I do not see myself continuing with this project beyond the jam. Thanks for playing and make sure to leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.

You can find my entry page here.


LD38-SmallKingdoms_SOURCE.gmz 579 kB
LD38-SmallKingdoms- 2 MB


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Simple yet appealing graphics. The sound effects are a nice touch and the gameplay is easy to understand. The human-vs-human option is a smart addition, and the couple bugs I've seen don't really interfere with gameplay. I would love to see a smarter AI and to hear some background music.