My (still in development) LOWREZJAM 2018 entry.

Flush Rush is a vertical, procedural generated, out-run platformer. You play as Wally, whose home situation has just been turned upside down when an exterminator  decides to flush out his sewer for good. Leap, climb, and bounce your way to safety, avoiding the toxic slime and other sewer creatures; and watch out for the exterminator on the way.


  • Finish the additional boss AI. Each Boss battle will introduce a new boss mechanic. Right now there is only 1, so each battle will be the same.
  • Improved transitions. Whether it's how player death is communicated, or the stage intro and exit transitions - all need work. Want to also improve the look and feedback provided for the Stage Complete and Gameover screens.
  • Level generation that ramps the difficulty. Currently, the stage controls how many "sections" are used to create a level but any of the "sections" can be used. Want to rank/order the sections by difficulty so that the more difficult ones are only used in higher stages and the easier ones used less the higher you go.
  • Finish the last two enemies (Bat and Slug).
  • Intro cinematic. Plan to have a quick intro cinematic showing the exterminator pumping the sludge into the sewer.
  • In game "How To" screen.
  • Final polish on everything.
  • Create browser playable version (maybe). Turns out I only had to make a few minor changes to get the HTML build to work.


Use your platforming skills to reach the top of the stage and the "exit" pipe to advance. Avoid the rising toxic sludge - contact will cost you a heart. Defeat enemies by jumping on top of them. Watch out, the exterminator will show up every 4 stages.



  • collect 100 coins to receive an extra life
  • at 3 hearts gain High Jump
  • at 4 hearts gain Double Jump
  • break open crates to find coins and hearts


RRestart Stage
F1Cycle window scale


Pixels, code, and sound effects created in 8 days by Jason Kimbel for LOWREZJAM 2018.

Music by Mark Sparling.

Made in Game Maker Studio 1.4.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller

Install instructions

Single runtime executable. No install required. No requirements (that I'm aware of).


lowrez_2018_v1_7.exe 5 MB


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I love what you did! And the music is so perfect! Congrats, it was really fun to play.

That was a great prototype for a mini platformer! In particular, the procedurally generated level design has already impressed me and I'm looking forward to see what other features you will implement here. :) Either way, I thought it was a really great LOWREZJAM submission! The graphic style is excellent, in my mind I could hear the villain, as he moves in the opening sequence, giggle properly. :D That's why I recommended your game along with two other jam entries in a compilation article about the jam. :) One minute of gameplay can also be seen in the accompanying video. Thanks for the good work!

Best wishes,

love the art style! Main character name Gordon Gator?

Thanks! I've been leaning towards Wally actually. 

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Wally sounds good!