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My (not quite finished) GBJAM 6 entry.

Shmup One - Galaxy Unknown is a retro space shooter mixed with a procedural generated, endless runner. I did not have very much time to play test what was submitted. I spent a long time on pixels and playing around with math to create different kinds of movement, but never got around to fleshing out an actual game. 


  • Game will eventually crash after a certain distance is traveled.
  • The RNG on the "upgrades" spawn rate is all over the place. Some games you will have no issues getting and staying powered up. Other games, you will travel quite a distance with the default weapon.
  • Some enemies had their HP lowered for testing and I forgot to increase it back. This means they die much sooner than they should. Ultimately, this is just a small part of an overall issues with enemy balance - which ultimately stems from lack of play testing.
  • There is a reason these types of shooters use predetermined patterns and layouts - they just aren't as fun when they're procedural/random. At least not with the code I came up with.
  • Music doesn't seem to play for when a "boss" appears. And it was really good music too. 
  • There is a issue with one of the "boss" behaviors, but I can't remember off the top of my head and haven't had a chance to play long enough to discover it again. Similar with two of the enemies. I remembered spotting incorrect behavior issues but can't recall the specifics at this time.
  • The bomb doesn't always work the way it was intended.


EscQuit (from Pause screen)
F1Cycle window scale
F2Cycle color palettes


Pixels, code, and sound effects created in ~1 week by Jason Kimbel for GBJAM 6, Aug. 2018.

Music fantastically crafted by Mark Sparling.

Made in Game Maker Studio 1.4.

Install instructions

The game is a single-executable, so no installation required. The game does require the Microsoft DirectX Runtime Libraries. Most systems should already have them installed, but if you receive a crash error when trying to run the game, try downloading the runtime libraries here:



GBJAM_ShmupOne_24aug2018.exe 7 MB

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