Build - 13 Aug 2017

Patch Notes for update - released 13 August 2017

  • fixed "double dig" bug - had flaw in my logic that allowed spamming of the digger tool on the same block that led the game to crash.
  • fixed "dying with coin" bug - enemies only released their carried coins if they reached the bottom of a hole. If they fell in late and were destroyed before reaching the bottom they would die with their coin and the level would be unbeatable. Now if enemies die this way, their coins return to their original spawn location.
  • fixed "stage complete death" bug - glitch with the player/enemies not stopping during the first few frames of stage complete animation which could lead to a death during  the stage complete screen. 
  • Improved movement engine - previously, if you were holding a key to move left or right, movement would stop between player transitions (falling to the ground, ground to the ladder, ladder to ground) and you would have to release and  repress the key to continue movement - no longer the case. Allows for  better/quicker player response.
  • "stage 8 (now stage 12) pathfinding" bug - bug with the pathfind grid that did not allow the enemies at the top of the stage to connect to the rest of the grid. 
  • revamped input controller, include gamepad support - this has only been tested on the Xbox 360 controller and and only briefly - their may be some input bugs that need to be weeded out. No analog stick control though, D-pad only. 
  • fixed "rope drop" bug  - when dropping one grid space from one rope to another, you'd be unable to grab the next rope.
  • select screen now defaults to start at highest stage 
  • allow green enemies to drop from ropes 
  • spiders can now ambush - spiders will jump out of the ground if buried without a coin and stun the player, while also removing a coin (if one is held).
  • spiders dig and wait to ambush when coin they were targeting is picked up. 
  • slugs, now called slimes, vomit randomly instead of leaving trail.


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Aug 13, 2017

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