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NOTE: This is a work-in-progress build. The current level designs, art, music, etc can and will change. You will most likely find bugs. The music is currently just a place holder. If you recognize it, you have great taste :) (borrowed from the Undertale OST by Toby Fox)


Lured by legends of riches and endless wealth, you descend beneath the mines of Zerwol. But with each coin collected you only find yourself pulled deeper inside...

For my LOWREZ 2017 entry I created an homage to the Broderbund classic, Lode Runner. Code, sprites, and sound effects were created by me during the JAM period (Aug 1-17). On top of the 64x64 pixel restriction I attempted to include 4 of the 5 bonus challenges in my title.

  • Pacifist - protagonist must be a pacifist 
  • Eco-Friendly - player can control the environment
  • Mitosis - something in the game must be able to split itself into 2
  • Freak - random changes occur outside the player's control



Arrow keys - move player
Z - use "digger" to your left
X - use "digger" to your right
ENTER - pause
ESC - quit to menu (while paused) / quit game (at menu)
M - mute audio
F1 - rotate between window scales
F12 - delete save file

* only tested with Xbox 360

D-pad - move player
A - use "digger" to your left
B - use "digger" to your right
Start - pause
Select - quit to menu (while paused) / quit game (at menu) 


The purpose of the game is to collect all of the coins in the level and then exit via the door. Without the ability to jump, you are only equipped with your "digger" tool which allows you to "dig holes" (removes a block). Holes will fill back in shortly however. Caution, if you fall into a hole with a bottom, you will not be able to climb out!


Mole man - do not like intruders and will relentlessly seek out trespassers. WIll pick up coins to protect them from intruders.

Mole man (with coin)
- just like a normal mole man except moves 25% faster and will drop their coin if they fall into a hole.

-  seeks out shiny coins. If they find one they will attempt to hide with their new-found treasure by burring themselves. Spiders will not hurt the player, but may stun and steal a coin if you get too close.

- roams aimlessly throughout the stage, occasionally leaving a pool of slime. Careful, as slimes and pools of slime are deadly to the touch. Slimes aren't interested in coins but may leave a surprise if they pass one by.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsLOWREZJAM, lowrezjam2017, Pixel Art, Retro

Install instructions

Single runtime executable. No installation required. 


TinyLootRunr64- 4 MB

Development log


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really good game man ! i keep getting a fatal error when i spam z after a stage clear or just spamming it on a block that is reforming. 

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