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Update 13 Nov 2016: first post-jam release!

  • There is now a save slot (just one though). Game will auto-save when checkpoints are triggered.
  • In-game map to track your exploration progress. Press pause to access map after you enter the caves.
  • Added ability to change window size (F1).
  • Added more color palettes in case you'd like something other than the original green (F2).
  • Added ability to mute audio (M).
  • Replaced "Jump+" upgrade (which wasn't even accessible due to glitch).
  • Minor adjusts to world design.
  • Major adjustments to HUD displays.
  • Remaining To-do list:
    • replace/fix sound engine
    • add more music, update sound effects
    • complete intro
    • fix "dasher" enemy glitch
    • some world decoration and finalize tile set
    • any new bugs found in this release!

Unknown Planet is a Metroid-vania, jumping platformer. You don't shot anything. The world is designed to kill you, so expect a high death curve. Unknown Planet was originally created in 8 days for GBJAM 5.

A great big thank you to Mark Sparling for the amazing soundtrack (check him out: https://soundcloud.com/marksparling).

Controls (gamepad)

  • D-pad = move
  • A = jump
  • B = dash
  • Start = pause

Controls (keyboard)

  • WASD or Arrow Keys = move
  • K or Z = A button (jump)
  • L or X = B button (dash)
  • ENTER = Start (pause)


  • M = mute/unmute audio
  • F1 = rotate through window sizes (1x, 2x, 4x, Full Screen)
  • F2 = rotate through 10 unique color palettes

Known Bugs/Issues:

  • the "dasher" enemy types will break from time-to-time.
  • the "beast" at the beginning is not finished, he just sits there until I have time to finish coding him.
  • fixed a lot of issues with the sound, but I plan to replace the sound engine to optimize performance and hopefully resolve the remaining issues

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsGame Boy, GBJam, jumping, Puzzle-Platformer

Install instructions

The game is a single-executable, so no installation required. The game does require the Microsoft DirectX Runtime Libraries. Most systems should already have them installed, but if you receive a crash error when trying to run the game, try downloading the runtime libraries here:



UnknownPlanet- 4 MB


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This game is amazing, frustrating at times I have to admit, but still amazing! The design is pretty and simple, sadly I don't keep the music on because I die too often but it's really nice. And I LOVE all the color palettes

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Update: just finished the game, I still love it

Cool game, I played it to 94% completion this morning.
So let's get in again and find the remaining stuff...


Nothing saved at all?
No save feature anywhere?

Well then, fuck it! >:-(

I'm impressed by the 94%. It's the highest (reported) percentage so far. I know it doesn't bring back your previous progress, but I am working on a save/continue feature in my post jam version. Along with audio fixes, a map, better progress tracking, intro exposition, in-game instructions and a few tweaks to the handling/physics. I've been busier with work/life than usual so it isn't progressing as fast as I'd like. I'm hoping to have an update here soon.

Some sort of map would be nice :-)

If there wasn't one before there is now.

I have no words for how much I loved this! It reminds me a lot of Super Mario.