A downloadable game for Windows

Update: added a "Fixed" version that should correct the loading screen glitch and cause the game to not load sometimes, also added Mark to the credit line on the title page.


  • WASD + K,L, or
  • Arrow Keys + Z,X, or
  • controller support (only tested with Xbox 360 controller)
  • ENTER = start on keyboard

My first GBJam entry. This is a jumping platformer - you don't shot anything - with a metroidvania flare (collect power-ups and back track). Parts of the world are designed to push your limits. A great big thank you to Mark Sparling for the amazing soundtrack (check him out: https://soundcloud.com/marksparling).

It was very much crunch time at the end and there are a few features, I'd wager, that haven't been fully tested. Please let me know of any bugs/glitches you may find. I plan to add a little more polish after the jam and will be actively fixing bugs (especially game breaking).

Known Bugs/Issues:

  • the "dasher" enemy types will break from time-to-time.
  • the "beast" at the beginning is not finished, he just sits there until I have time to finish coding him.
  • I need to normalize the levels of all of the sound effects - through my last couple play tests, I noticed some that are too loud.
  • And I'm sure more to come...

More information

Published10 days ago
StatusIn development
Player countSingleplayer


GBJAM5-UnknownPlanet-FIXED- (3 MB)
GBJAM5-UnknownPlanet- (3 MB)


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I really love this game, so so so much, but I think it would be way more user-friendly if you could view the controls in-game. Also, what are the controls for the 360 pad?

I have no words for how much I loved this! It reminds me a lot of Super Mario.