Initial Public Release

v1.0 - 18 Sep 2017

  • The level controller right now just randomly spits out stuff in kind of a random location. I'm going to create a series of patterns that it will use so it looks a little more hand-crafted. <-- Didn't get to work on this yet. This impacts enemy spawns as well. Right now they are kind of random, but the harder ones (attack chopper) shouldn't really show up until you are further along.
  • I've got pickups which at the moment are just created by the level controller. Need to add in them dropping after enemies are destroyed. Also something to spend the pickups on! I plan to have an "upgrade" screen after each death so you can spend your scrap/cash you collected to upgrade weapons/car/hats(?)  Complete! Well, mostly. I want to put more effort into the enemy drops so that they aren't just dumped where they died - have them "thrown" further out front to increase the player's odds of being able to pick them up.
  • Make it pretty! Right now I'm only planning to have time to create sprites for the player, the 3 enemies and a single level skin (wasteland desert). If I have time, I'll try for more. As Complete as this is going to get before the deadline.
  • Sound effects. They definitely feel (or sound) rushed. Going to have to do for now.
  • Title screen - I started a title screen (can see a screen grab below). The big empty space was supposed to be for our hero and their car. I envisioned they would just be sitting there and the sun goes down and a fire starts. Just a quite endless loop of day to night and back to day. A nice contrast to the actual game. Of course I probably shouldn't have been wasting time on this but I wouldn't be me otherwise.


Famicase2017_JunklandDash-1.0.exe 5 MB
Sep 18, 2017

Get Gangan! Junkland Dash

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