V1.1 - 23 Sep 2017

I tried to record all of the changes made, but I'm sure I missed plenty.

  • update level generation controller - with some new obstacles. Still needs a lot of play testing and tweaking.
  • improved looping in main game music track (still not perfectly seamless but not nearly as noticeable as before)
  • fixed shield bug; shield were supposed to allow you to survive a single bullet hit, but the check forgot to destroy the bullet so it just kept hitting afterwards
  • fixed camera bag; some weird math rounding that could cause the camera to get much further than the player leading to the player no longer being visible on screen.
  • fixed boost bug; boost was increasing all units speed, which was not intended. now only in creases the player.
  • fixed pixel to km conversion. distance traveled was higher than should have been based on actually speed. this is kind of nitpicking, but it did lead to the gradual speed increases which were based on km milestones to come much sooner than intended (this will have greater impact later, when enemy and loot spawns correspond with those milestones)
  • added "hit flash" on enemies to better convey when being shot.
  • added "red car" shimmy; when the red car enemy is in attack mode (shooter hanging out the window), there is a chance that your bullet hits can cause the driver to lose control (causing the shooter to retreat inside).
  •  new "red car" AI; will now try to pass you if the player is blocking their lane
  • consumables! fuel and ammo are now consumed on use and replenished when picked up. ammo and fuel are no longer used as currency for upgrade purchase.
  • HUD changes to display fuel and ammo levels.
  • new "drops" that will act as currency for higher level upgrades. There are three rarities. They are currently a blue, purple, orange (rare, epic, legendary) "part/screw". Plan to replace with 3 unique items (like fuzzy dice or raider ears, something like that).
  • upgrades are no broken into two types - 

    • permanent, progression upgrades (dmg, shields, boost timer, speed) - these are purchased and are saved between rounds/games. 
    • single run power-ups (rapid fire, double shot, flamethrower, mines,etc) - these are based on a powerup level and acquired each time you pickup a power up "star" in the level. They stack and are in order. So get the first star and you get rapid fire. Get the second star and you get rapid fire, double shot. You die, your power up level returns to zero.


  • more work on the level generation controller
  • fix "green" enemy's AI - he is supposed to suicide horizontally towards you but it doesn't really work right. (I see it happen like 1 out of each 100). I haven't had time to look at it, nor has it been a huge priority since they still kind of work because of how slow they are they really jam up lanes. (Though in the latest build he doesn't spawn very often)
  • new enemy type - motorcycle raider
  • new mini boss - armored truck
  • work on improved sound effects
  • HTML version


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Sep 24, 2017

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