v1.2 - 24 Sep 2017

Some quick fixes

  • The items that spawn from destroyed enemies were supposed to fly out forward, giving the player a chance to pick them up. Not sure when this stopped working, but it wasn't working in v1.1. Fixed now.
  • The camera will "catch up" if the player gets ahead but not the reverse. Fixed. This was a clamping issue where I clamped at zero preventing a negative, ie, slowdown.
  • The not an array crash that would sometimes occur with exploding barrels should now be resolved. Haven't been able to get it to occur anymore anyway.
  • Added that barrels and barricades now explode when you jump over them. Just makes ramps even more fun!
  • Made some tweaks to the spawning timers. The helicopter does not spawn before 2km now (turns out my previous math could have them spawn after 1km).


Famicase2017_JunklandDash-1.2.exe 5 MB
Sep 24, 2017

Get Gangan! Junkland Dash

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